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New site for DXAsia News page

Sun, 27 Dec 2009

W.e.f 28th December 2009 news page of DXAsia.info is moving onto a new URL. The RSS feed is also going to change. - The new URL is : -http://dxasia-uadx.blogspot.com/ - The new RSS feed is :http://feeds.feedburner.com/DXAsia

New Freq for VOA Bengali Evening

Sat, 26 Dec 2009

Due to cochannel interference VOA Bengali service is to use 7405 kHz(from Thailand) at 1600-1700 hrs replacing 7435 kHz w.e.f 28th December 2009

VOA is dropping Morning Bengali b'cast

Wed, 23 Dec 2009

With effect from 1st January 2010 VOA is dropping morning Bengali b'cast at 0130-0200 hrs on 11500 and 15205 kHz. Also plan to change the evening b'cast timings in line with the Day Light Saving Time in Bangladesh. Details are awaiting.

Recent Frequency changes from VOA

Sun, 20 Dec 2009

Effective 12th December 2009 VOA in English :

Effective 12th December 2009 VOA in Bangla:

Victor's DX Log

Sat, 21 Nov 2009

Victor Goonetilleke's DX LOG Receiver used: Icom IC R71A Antenna : 80 metre dipole at 45 feet off the ground.

47501200BGDBangladesh Betar s.on 1159 it appeared to 1400 s.off.Bangla 444
47501200CHNNanning Hailar under BGD is clear when BGD off.
47601200INDAIR Port Blair Andamans strong Indian vernacs, also at 0100
47751240INDAIR Impal fair signals vernaculars.
48001230INDAIR Hyderabad fighting with CHN CNR1 both 433
48101230INDAIR Bhopal usual AIR format of local language 333fading.
48201230INDAIR Kolkata mixing with Lhasha Tibet. 433
48201230CHNTibet Lhasa Chinese language service. 433
48351245INDAIR Gangtok fair/weak signals 333/232
48401245INDAIR Mumbai strong a bit scratchy modulation. 433
48501240INDAIR Kohima devotional type Eastern Indian singing 19/11
48601245INDAIR Delhi distorted carrier, no modedulation. This TX having probs.
48801240INDAIR Lucknow audio breaks though carrier stable. 333 19/11
48951247INDAIR Kolkata liusted(AIR format) 333
49051249CHNTibet // 4920
49201249CHNTibetan //4905
49201230INDAIR Chennai strong China underneath giving a good fight. 19/11
49401250INDAIR Guwahati 333 usual Indian vernacs.
49501252INDR. Kashmir Srinagar fair level with CNR underneath weak.
49501252CHNVO Jujian Shanghai listed.
49701245INDAIR Shilling English songs and service 433, hum from txer 19/11
49801246CHNXinjiang Urumqui inner mongolia Uighr 444
49901250INDAIR Itanagar usual Indian language format 444 19/11
50001258HWAWWHI Time Signal fading in 232 can read time announcements.
50001259CHNBPM China 333
50101248INDAIR Thriwananthapuram 555+ One station I wish would go off the air, messes the
whole band throwing hash and mod all over. 19/11
50301245MLARTM Sarawak Kuching slow Malay songs. ID 1300 333 232..
50401235AIRJaypore strong 444
50501248AIRAizawl eastern Indian ballads under Gwanxi China. 1630 s.off.
50501248CHNGwanxi China mixing with Aizawl
50601250CHNChinese Service. Xhinjiang.
50751255CHNPujian Shanghai listed

BBC morning on 12070

Thu, 19 Nov 2009

Due to interference BBC World Service in English is now using 12070 kHz (via Thailand relay) at 0100-0200 hrs replacing 11955 kHz.

New freq 7395 for BBC Hindi

Tue, 17 Nov 2009

Effective 17th November 2009 BBC has swapped 7205 kHz with 7395 kHz ie. BBC Hindi is now on 7395(ex-7205) kHz 1400-1500 hrs while 7205 kHz(ex-7395) is taking over BBC Burmese at 1345-1430 hrs. Parallel channels in Hindi are 5845, 5960, 9505 and 12065 kHz.