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DXAsia's advisor


Andy Sennitt, graduated from Lancaster University with a degree in Russian and Soviet Studies and has been featured in widely in the international press, including The Wall Street Journal, RAI Italia, went to work at BBC Monitoring in Caversham,U.K. as an operational assistant and world schedules monitor. Four years later, he moved to Denmark as Assistant Editor of the World Radio TV Handbook, the annual "bible" of international broadcasting, between 1978 and 1997, and became editor in 1987. His tenure with the renowned publication provided him with first-hand knowledge of the broadcasting structures in over 150 countries. In 1987, when the Danish editor retired, Andy took over as editor and relocated to the Netherlands.

Andy has been associated with Radio Netherlands since 1981, when he began regular media reports for the weekly programme Media Network. In 1997, after leaving the World Radio TV Handbook, he started working for Radio Netherlands as a part-time Internet producer, and was given a full-time contract in 1999. He has produced a number of Web dossiers on topics such as Hate Radio, and broadcasting developments related to political changes in Afghanistan, the former Yugoslavia, Iraq and Zimbabwe.

DXAsia's senior editors


Alok Dasgupta contributes to various radio and TV publications including Passport to Worldband Radio. He sends suggestions to improve reception to various radio stations. He has previously run a Web site called South Asia Radio Guide, an authoritative listing of international broadcasts to and from South Asia, so is well qualified to be a senior editor on DXAsia.


Victor Goonetilleke began regular media reports for Radio Netherlands in 1966, sending in a monthly tape to the programme "DX Juke Box". Victor says "I feel I have to represent the voice of the millions of people in developing countries who depend on traditional international broadcasting as a lifeline". For many years Victor ran a DX club the Union of Asian DXers, overcoming considerable practical and financial problems in the process.

Abhishek Dasgupta who wrote the script for DXasia is 22 years old, and is in his 4th year studying for an MS (Master of Science) at the Indian Institute of Science Education and Research in Calcutta. He has a special interest in computing specially various languages like Python, PERL, Java, C++ etc. Abhishek has done all the programming for the new site, which will enable the editors to manage the editorial process and update the site directly from the editors' desk to the web server in London.

Monitors and Contributors

DX Asia wishes to thank Alokesh Gupta, New Delhi,India, Noel Green, UK, NDXC-Japan and BCDX-Germany.

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DX Asia is neither a club nor an organization. It's a spare time co-operative venture. But we do want to hear from you.