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updated on 31 May 2018
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Schedules by station language

Updating of A18 Schedule (Summer:25-03-2018 to 27-10-2018) is in progress
The previous schedule is marked as B17 on the last column of the table.
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DXAsia was "invented" over a meal in a Dutch restaurant, which seems a rather unlikely place to discuss a Web site focusing on radio in South Asia. But some of the best ideas are conceived in strange places. The idea behind the site couldn't be simpler: to create a place on the Web where the latest schedules, news and information about radio broadcasts from and to South Asia can always be found. The aim is not to be exclusive or first with the news, but to be accurate. We believe we can achieve that with the help and support from Andy Sennitt, our advisor and the main editors, Alok Dasgupta and Victor Goonetilleke, who live in the region. DXasia is now fully automated, thanks to the hard work of Abhishek Dasgupta.

DXAsia is updated from a central database using scripts hosted on the server. It is hosted in the UK on servers in London's Docklands. Recently we have made major improvements to the site. The site is now fully database-driven, and the editors are able to update the schedules remotely.You, the user, will be able to see the South Asian schedules by station and language. A recent addition to the Home Page is the option to display all the transmissions currently on the air, including all the frequencies, in UTC time with one click of the mouse. We have also added transmitter sites for each frequency, which will be a big help to DXers.

A new search facility has been added using Structured Query Language (SQL) which permits the user to perform complex queries and see the results from all the data on the site. This facility is still being developed and improved, and your feedback is welcome. Our contact details are at the top of every page.